29 November 2011

Top 5 Favourite Korean Celebrities Couples

Instead of writing java codes, I write this post. The idea came when I rewatching YongSeo couple (Goguma Couple) last night. I miss previous We Got Married (WGM) Couples. Before that I have a question.

Does anyone has YongSeo couple episode 40 - 47? This slowpoke person want to watch it but most websites didn't have it. Please no dailymotion link. Dailymotion and I cannot get along so well.

Okay, here my Top 5 Favourite Korean Celebrities Couples.

No. 1: GeunShin Couple (Jang Geun Suk & Park Shin Hye)

Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye make a great couple - on screen and in real life. They actually met long time ago when they were still teenager in a sitcom (?). After that they were being paired up for Etude House CF where they had to kiss for the first time. They had another Etude House CF together then their famous love story - You're Beautiful (2009).

People see them just as a couple on the TV, have a great chemistry together but actually they are really close in real life. In fact they live near each other. Jang Geun Suk once said he wants to get married before 30 because he didn't want his children and him have a long age gap so that he can be like a friend to them. So I need to wait about 4 years to hear good news from them.

No. 2: Adam Couple (Jo Kwon & Ga In)

Adam Couple - Jo Kwon (2AM) and Son Ga In (BEG) started as husband and wife on 20th September 2009 in We Got Married (MBC program). Ga In is 2 years older than Kwon. They had been 'married' for more than 1 year. They were being paired up in WGM because they are each other ideal type. The only couple with so much skinship. Haha. Go watch this couple on WGM! :)

No. 3: YongSeo Couple/Goguma Couple (Jung Yonghwa & SeoHyun)

Three SNSD members I like the most are SeoHyun, Soo Young and Sunny. Triple S. haha. So I basically watch YongSeo couple because of Seo Hyun. But then, I like Yonghwa and CNBLUE too. CNBLUE songs are nice and some of the songs are easy to play with guitar.

As I watch this couple, they talk and tell more about what they feel to each other. Honest talk at the night at Japan trip. Aishh..really sweet. The straight forward and honest Seo Hyun didn't hesitate to tell Yonghwa when she is not okay with something or when she feels sad. When seeing Seo Hyun like that, Yonghwa also can open up to Seo Hyun without worry.

No. 4: Monday Couple (Song Ji Hyo & Kang Gary)

Running Man couple - Monday Couple! Kang Gary and Song Ji Hyo. Aww..these two people look good together. But they only couple in Running Man and every Monday (Running Man recording every Monday).

Watch / Download Running Man @ iSubSquad or KShowNow

No.5: WooJung Couple (Jang Woo & Eun Jung)

This also one of WGM couple. Lee Jang Woo seems to like Eun Jung very much. I guess Eun Jung also likes him too. One of potential fake couple to be a real couple. Oh, why Jang Woo always has to be the bad person in drama? Glory Jane is interesting.

Watch WooJung Couple @ KShowNow  | Watch Glory Jane/Man of Honor @ KimchiDrama

Okay, finish my Top 5 list. Fuhh. Tired already. lol. So, what do you think? is there any other celebrities couple that you really like?


Anis97 said...

i think jung yonghwa better couple with park shin hye (you've fallen for me ost)...

hxnis said...

i think so too. ^^

angelica said...

monday couple is the best !