11 February 2014

I Need Romance 3: Episode 1

I don't have the urge to write this drama review at first. But this drama is sooo good that I have to write something about it. And I fell in love with Sungjoon...'s character. Hehe. The storyline is good and also the songs. I have to write about the songs in another post.

You can find this drama recaps at DramaBeans or KaedeJun.

First episode started with a nice song from Peppermoon, Peu a Peu. It's a French song. I read the lyric translation in Naver. The song really fit the story with a cute and lovely rhythm and lyric.

Like every first episode in drama, we slowly get to know the characters and how they link to each other.

06 February 2014

Bahasa Korea: Frasa Penting Ketika Melancong (I)

Dah lama tak buat artikel tentang bahasa Korea. Jadi, kali ini saya nak berkongsi beberapa ayat atau frasa penting yang boleh anda gunakan untuk berkomunikasi di sana.

Tunjuk Jalan
Andai kata anda sesat dan perlukan bantuan, boleh guna ayat ni.

(Nama tempat / Destinasi dituju) 어떻게 가요?
sebutan: ___________ ottoke gayo?
maksudnya: Macam mana nak pergi ke __________?

(Nama tempat / Destinasi dituju) 어디에요?
sebutan: ___________ eodi-ae-yo?
maksudnya: Di mana ________?

Contoh ayat:

명동 어떻게 가요?
Myeongdong ottoke gayo?
Macam mana nak pergi ke Myeongdong?

Tips #1:
Kalau boleh, catatkan juga nama tempat yang anda nak pergi dalam bahasa Korea. Contohnya, King Sejong Story adalah 세종 아야기 (Sejong iyagi) dalam bahasa Korea. Senang sikit nak tanya sebab kadang-kadang, local people ni konfius tak pun gementar sikit bila kena tanya in English.

Tips #2:
Bila dorang jawab, sila dengar betul-betul dan yang penting, perhati body language dorang. Kot dorang tunjuk arah ke kiri ke kanan ke. Gitu.

04 February 2014

I Need Romance 3: First Impression

It's the third franchise of this drama even it is a different story line from previous dramas. Not a sequel or prequel. Same title, writer and director . The title in Korean is 맨스가 요해 3 or short form as 로필3.

The first thing that make me wanted to watch this tvN's Mon-Tue drama is Sung-joon. He is not really my ideal type of man nor do I like him before but he looks adorable and watching him, didn't make me feel annoy like Kim Tan did. Ha!

Family Theme Variety Show - The Return of Superman (Korean)

Variety show with family theme is one of the popular trend right now in Korea with more variety show with the same theme such as Mama Mia (KBS), Dad Where Are You Going? (MBC) and my favourite family variety show for now, The Return of Superman (KBS).

If you happen to watch entertainment news section like Entertainment Weekly, they once cover about the popularity of this theme in variety show.

27 January 2014

Seoul, South Korea Trip #10: Namsan Tower

From Namsan-gol Hanok Village, we took a green bus number 02 ride to Namsan Tower and it cost around 500 won.

I'm impressed with the bus performance while going up on the hill with full passengers. Have to say that their public transport is very well maintained.